Collection Facades



Facade system with mechanical anchorage, made up of aluminum profiles fitted with an extruded ceramic backing system. With an attractive design, innovative techniques and high quality, the system is an excellent solution for contemporary architecture.

Features and Benefits

• Innovative and exclusive architectural solutions;

• Facade without pathologies such as: detachment, cracks, efflorescence and infiltration;

• Possibility of execution with the building in operation;

• Quick, clean and dry work;

• Excellent durability and strength

• Greater thermal comfort with reduced energy consumption.


The Keragail ceramic ventilated facade is the only fastening system that allows the quick exchange of just one panel, without the need to remove additional panels. Perfect structure to add sustainable practices to projects, in addition to increasing the useful life.

Características e benefícios

• Facade free of detachments, cracks, efflorescence and infiltrations;

• Assembly without waste and with structure in progress;

• Greater thermal comfort with reduced energy consumption;

• Installation on pre-existing coating;

• Reduction of maintenance expenses;

• Clean and dry work;

• Efficiency proven by international standards;

• Greater agility in the execution time of the work.