Collection Industrial

Gressit / Futura


Easy cleaning, mechanical and chemical resistance, are essential characteristics to withstand the wearing agents, typical of the routine of industries and kitchens. The Gressit Line has a variety of formats and thicknesses according to the needs of the industrial market.

Features and Benefits

• Ideal for industries and professional kitchens;

• Ceramic plates with high chemical and mechanical resistance;

• Resistance to freezing and sudden temperature variations;

• Non-slip that prevent slipping even in wet areas;

• Low water absorption and low moisture expansion;

• Resistant to intense traffic: people, forklifts, carts and trucks;

• Complete system of special parts.

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Sophisticated and modern, the Futura Line has the same characteristics as the Gressit Line in terms of resistance and durability. Its surface is stain resistant and easy to clean. The colors range from gray to black and allow for modern compositions, making the environment sophisticated.

Features and Benefits

• Belonging to the AIa absorption group (0 to 3%);

• Class 5m stain resistant;

• Non-slip;

• Colors available on all parts of the Industrial Collection.

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