Collection Pool


Decor Art

The line was created to add personality, charm and creativity in indoor and outdoor environments. It can also be used in swimming pools. With different shades and formats, the 6840 format, also known as canjiquinha, is part of this line.

Features and Benefits

• Versatility for all environments;

• Resistance; • Intense shine;

• Non-uniform surface, values ​​craftsmanship.

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The Falésias line was developed based on the peculiarities of the Brazilian coast, its porcelain prevents stains and helps in the aesthetic durability of this material.

Features and Benefits

• Slip resistance;

• Thermal comfort;

• Rustic surface;

• Ceramic floors for commercial and residential areas and decks;

• Modular formats;

• Intense Traffic.

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The low water absorption, expansion by humidity and conical grip system for perfect fixing of the plates, guarantee long life to the pools and low maintenance. Recognized for tradition and technology, for over a century Gail has been present in competition pools around the world.

Features and Benefits

• Complete system for competition and leisure pools;

• Rough parts for turning feet and wet decks;

• High strength enamel;

• Very low percentage of water absorption;

• Excellent bonding properties to the substrate in saturated humidity environments;

• Resistance to maintenance chemicals (chlorine, algaecides, etc.);

• Resistance to ultraviolet rays;

• Color stability;

• Mechanical resistance capacity (hydrostatic pressure);

• Resistance to sudden temperature variations (thermal shock);

• High degree of cleanliness;

• Parts for infinity pool.

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