Your creativity is the limit when it comes to color, shape and texture suggestions and compositions. What must always be kept in mind are the technical requirements for each location the system will be applied to, and the result desired over time. Discover all the Gail Collections and let yourself be mesmerized by their advantages and countless application possibilities.

Collections designed down to the smallest details

Industrial Collection

Formed by the Gressit and Kerafloor Lines, the Industrial Collection is composed of ceramic tiles and finishing parts (floor and wall), providing complete solutions for each industrial sector. These lines meet important and necessary specification requirements, as they are industrial and suitable for environments with highly aggressive or food agents such as kitchens and canteens.

Arquitetura Natural Collection

This line can be used to tile internal and external floors and walls. It has rustic features and tones that allude to the colors of nature, such as brown and reddish tones. It hasversatile combinations and its main application sites are facades and outdoor areas.

Piscina Collection

The Piscina Collection pieces have very low water absorption and moisture expansion. Together with our exclusive Conical Grip System, these particularities guarantee total plate attachment, a vital characteristic for ceramics permanently exposed to moisture."

Vintage Collection

Recognized for its centuries-old tradition and innovation, Gail presents the charming and original Vintage Collection, enhancing the artistic feel of its work. Inspired by a classic style trend, it is exclusively composed of the Brick, Brick Rústico and Cotto Lines. These come in different formats, colors, shades, hues and textures, which create a different finish, as well as offering the traditional durability and resistance of Gail ceramic products. Every detail has been carefully thought through to meet user profiles, your projects' requirements and maintain the caracter your work deserves.

Loft Collection

The Loft Collection adds luxury to surroundings, making the walls decorative and sophisticated. Developed with products that prevent waste, the parts are bold and resistant, long lasting and easy to clean. Including the Metropolis, Stones, Wood and Falésia lines, it reminds us of brick, stone and wood. Except for the Falésias line, which is indicated for outdoor areas (especially pool decks), the lines are for exclusive use on walls and facades, lending elegance and style.

Combicolor Collection

Inspired by the diversity of colors, GAIL created the Combicolor Collection, which is split between the Decor, Decor Art, Futura, Minerale and Revest lines. Single-color products with a contemporary color palette, whether smooth or textured, bright or satiny, are developed using unique enamels. This variety of shades and surface effects allow for special, modern and bold compositions that make this collection a leader in the architecture market. The enameled surface means it is very easily cleaned as well as requiring low maintenance.

Ventilated Facades Collection

Technical performance, beauty and sustainability are key features of the Keragail and Kerabrick construction systems. The joints between the ceramic panels provide a ventilation effect between the cladding and the main body of the building, significantly improving the building's thermal and acoustic comfort.

Complementary Products Collection

In order to meet the most diverse requirements of our many projects, we have developed a portfolio of products for laying, grouting and cleaning sites. They have a wide variety of resins appropriate to the specific conditions of each project, providing high chemical, mechanical and anti-corrosion resistance, as well as adhesion, waterproofing and a perfect finish.