Sustainable awareness is a very important value for us, which is why we always seek to introduce new concepts to contribute to the environment. We work on the continuous implementation of improvements that bring environmental benefits, and that encourage our employees, consumers and the community to do the same.


We value actions that reduce environmental impacts and conserve nature, promoting the common good. We believe that together we can create a better future for society.

Among our actions, we can point out the main ones:

• Structure that prevents the propagation of dust in the atmosphere, following technical recommendations;

• Reuse of the heat from the ovens and the hot air generator to dry the parts, with the use of wood waste in the furnace, it was possible to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases (CO2) by 7%, that is, a reduction of 317 tons of CO2 per year;

• Waste management carried out throughout the production process;

• Effluent Station used for the reuse of liquids and solids, with guarantee of correct treatability;

• Controlled products warehouse, prepared for correct storage safely and without the risk of contamination;

• Permanent Protection Area with around 1800 native trees planted in a reserved area at the company.


Ceramics’ main raw material is clay, which is extremely sustainable. We continue to invest in complete solutions for the development and manufacture of products, complying with current environmental standards and legislation.



The KeraGail system is also aligned with the concepts of sustainability, from design to enterprise design, production and durability.

In addition, the extruded ceramic panels that make up the system use 15 to 20% recycled material.

Aluminum profiles are 100% recyclable materials. Energy efficiency: The system effectively contributes to reducing the consumption of electric energy destined for artificial air conditioning, enabling the sizing of smaller air conditioning equipment and reduced power.

According to Construlink, studies show savings in air conditioning around 50%.

Maintenance and cleaning: KeraGail has a design life of 60 years and is self-cleaning. As a result, it practically reduces the need for cleaning the facades, avoiding excessive consumption of water and the use of detergents.

Pollution reduction: Every 1,000m² of KeraGail is equivalent to the contribution of 70 medium-sized trees to the reduction of air pollution, thanks to the surface treatment with titanium dioxide.

No waste generation: custom developed for each work. Therefore, it practically reduces the generation of waste at the construction site to zero.


LEED Certification: The KeraGail system contributes to obtaining LEED Certification with up to 18 points, including analysis of energy and atmosphere, materials and resources, environmental quality, innovation and design.

Aqua Certification – Vanzolini Foundation: the KeraGail system also contributes to Aqua Certification. Being a low maintenance system, with 100% recyclable inputs, it has an estimated useful life of 60 years. Durability with low maintenance costs, low environmental impact and reduced consumption of natural resources.

NBR ISO 14000: ensures the reduction of the pollution load generated by the organization, because it involves the review of a production process aiming at the continuous improvement of environmental performance, controlling inputs and raw materials that represent waste of natural resources.