Gail’s industrial systems are designed to meet market demands. Find out how extruded ceramic slabs and finishing parts form unique solutions for the most varied projects and needs.


We are a reference in ceramic floors for industries and professional kitchens. In the environments below, it is possible to check the materials applied, with their characteristics. Check out in detail the Gail systems and inspirations for projects!


Looking for solutions, we develop pieces with functional design, which offer the industrial environment a complete drainage and drainage system. The system has extruded ceramics with varying thicknesses, special parts, a grid and much more.

Details make the difference and the corners with Gail finishes ensure practicality in cleaning. Check out the special corner pieces:


In addition to products for industrial kitchens, Gail has a complete line for the social area of ​​restaurants and foodservice. The versatility of applications of Gail coatings is visible, as they meet the most diverse proposals and styles, guaranteeing a successful result.


The Gail Industrial Collection, with the Futura and Gressit Lines, serves areas that need high technical resistance. Check out the details of the 360° Tour:


Our portfolio of works proves the strength and durability of the coating. Check out some projects: