Creativity is the limit for suggestions and compositions of colors, formats and textures. What always needs to be remembered are the technical requirements for each location where the system will be applied and the expected result over time. Discover all the Gail Collections and let yourself be enchanted by the advantages of extruded ceramics and its countless application possibilities.


Recognized for its tradition and technology, for over a century Gail has been present in competition pools around the world. The low water absorption, moisture expansion and conical grip system for perfect fixing of the plates, guarantee long life to the pools and less need for maintenance.


The Piscina Collection meets all technical specification requirements. 360° tour with details from the Decor Art Line, which offers the environment tones that refer to nature, in addition to the design of the functional plates, including the infinity edge piece.


Check out the 360° Tour with a water drainage system, Gail has plates that together form complete solutions. In addition to the high-resistance stainless steel grill.


In addition to products for industrial kitchens, Gail has a complete line for the social area of ​​restaurants and foodservice. The versatility of applications of Gail coatings is visible, as they meet the most diverse proposals and styles, guaranteeing a successful result.


The facades give all the personality of a house, a building or a commercial building. After all, they are the first impression of a property, becoming a kind of “business card”. In the 360° Tour, it is possible to visualize a residence with a facade containing special pieces that only Gail has.