Where do our products apply?

Here you will find a Product, Sector and Application Guide

Gail offers complete and customized solutions in high performance ceramic tiles. Our products are specialist flooring and wall cladding suitable for the most varied needs and application and are mainly for the following sectors: civil, commercial, hospitality, leisure and entertainment, sports, education, health, and building and industrial works..

In order to facilitate the choice and the correct specification of the best solution, Gail has developed this Product, Sector and Application Guide, which is divided into broad groups.
Considering the wealth of the Gail portfolio and the wide range of possibilities and compositions, the guide deals with the main application solutions. Nevertheless, it is important to note that creativity is the limit for color, format and texture suggestions and compositions. What must always be kept in mind are the technical requirements for each location the system will be applied to and the expected result over time.
Once these requirements are met, with correct use and maintenance the technical and esthetic results will last for much longer, endorsing the Gail quality and guarantee.

For All Environments

Gail has complete solutions for every type of project: high-quality, easy-to-maintain ceramic tiles and flooring with a wide range of specialty parts. Everything you need for customizing special projects.