Since 1812

Since 1812, Gail Ceramic Architecture has reinvented its history. Ever since our foundation, we have built a success story combining tradition, quality, innovation, sustainability and functional design, endorsed by our products and technical solutions. We are the national industry leader in high-performance extruded products with technical expertise and unique systems for superior work. Gail is synonymous with facades, industry, and swimming pool products, especially sports pools, and complements its portfolio with parts for ramps, sidewalks, skirting, and locations with special requirements.

Additionally, our portfolio offers solutions for indoor and outdoor environments, and includes spaces with high-level technical requirements or unique decorative elements. We are constantly investing in new technologies to keep our line of products up to date in terms of quality and design. We also have a competitive advantage as we offer bespoke colors, shapes and textures. As well as having a high-performance blueprint, we also combine quality and tradition with constantly developing ideas, and act as a facilitator of architectural projects by creating special colors and shapes.


To develop innovative ceramic tiling to offer the market complete and customized solutions.


To be a leader in high-performance ceramic tiling through innovative products with outstanding design, offering the market complete and customized solutions.


Human capital. Union. Credibility. Respect. Quality. Honor. Tecnological innovation. Technical knowledge.